Runners, Don’t Be Afraid of High Carbs

For endurance athletes, carbohydrate is the main fuel source and continues to be used by the best in the world for better performance. There’s little question that body’s carbohydrate stores are limited and become depleted towards the end of a long run.

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AMPED Fuel: A Runner’s Tool

Carbohydrates are key for runners, but can often be a source of gut problems. For this reason, AMPED™ Fuel was designed to be absorbed optimally and cause little to no gastrointestinal (GI) stress. A question we commonly get is, “How does AMPED Fuel actually work to help runners?” Now we’re breaking it down for you.

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How to Fix Your Upset Running Stomach

The last thing you want is to get an upset stomach during your run. Unfortunately, gastrointestinal distress is all too common among runners. It’s often caused by a variety of factors—physiological, mechanical, and nutritional—but you can do something about your GI problems.

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Runners, You May Need More Protein

If you’re a runner limiting your protein intake, you may be limiting your performance. A high-protein diet isn’t just for athletes who lift weights. The goal for the majority of runners is to improve running performance, whether by total distance or by time. During the recovery phase after a run, consuming the right nutrients is necessary for quicker recovery and performance gains.

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Endurance Athletes, Don’t Miss out on AMPED Power

Whether you run, bike, or swim, the number one performance factor you’re concerned with is avoiding fatigue. Entering a workout with excellent levels of energy, low levels of fatigue, and enhanced recovery is every endurance athlete’s dream. Good news: AMPED™ Power is designed to do exactly that.

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Answers to 10 Nutrition Questions Every Runner Should Know

Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, the question of “what to eat” can be baffling. Depending on the intensity, frequency, and duration of exertion, the specific nutrition needed to properly fuel and aid in performance and recovery changes (1). The following answers will assist in helping you put sound nutrition practices into play. Remember—what you eat and drink can make or break your runs.*

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