How to Build Muscle With Isagenix

The actual size of your muscle comes down to a simple equation called “protein turnover,” which is the sum of muscle breakdown and synthesis. When you deprive your body of dietary protein and stop providing a weight-bearing stimulus, you have a negative protein balance, leading to the breakdown of muscle (1).

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How to Use AMPED for Strength and Muscle Building

Athletes seeking to increase strength or muscle tone need to prime their bodies with cellular energy and increase nutrient delivery prior to training. They need to trigger muscle protein synthesis after training, and, an hour or two before training they should consume a moderate meal of carbohydrate, protein, and fat depending on digestion and comfort.

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Your New High-Intensity Training Pre-Workout Stack

When you want your body ready for the ultimate high-intensity workout, the right preparation can make a big difference. You want a pre-workout stack that includes the right ingredients, comes in the right dosage, and is backed by science. AMPED™ NOx, AMPED Power, and e+™ work together to power you up before a workout. The two AMPED products and e+ each provide their own unique benefits that complement one another.

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AMPED NOx Out of the Box

Do you remember the last time you sprinted at an all-out pace or lifted weights until failure? You may recall having noticed a distinct “burning” in your working muscles that caused you so much pain that you couldn’t continue. At this point, you stopped to rest.

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Should You Take AMPED Power and e+ Shot Together?

Saying you’ll exercise more is easier said than done. Once you’ve managed to get to the gym, the next difficult step is making sure your workout is intense and long enough. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout, a pre-workout product with a powerful boost to get you to the gym and through a difficult workout is key.

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Nutrient Timing For Optimal Performance With Isagenix

If you’re going to work out, why not make the most of it with optimized nutrition! The nutrients you provide your body and when you take them, known as “nutrient timing,” can significantly affect how your body responds to exercise (1). The nutrient timing of food and supplements can be broken down into three distinct phases: pre-workout, mid-workout, and post-workout.

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Are you AMPED up for the new Isagenix Performance Line?

The 2015 “Breakthrough” Celebration was the biggest event in Isagenix history. Just one of the many reasons this event was so big was due to product launches like AMPED™ Power. Nutrition Science Writer II Alex Mohr explains the science behind this brand-new, pre-workout formula. Alex says, “Our goal was to provide energy, increase focus, improve blood flow, and accelerate gains in performance, because the time before someone’s workout is crucial.”

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