All You Need to Know About AMPED: FAQ

The AMPED products are developed based on the latest science of nutrient timing using unique combinations of ingredients that are designed to give you the best workout possible and accelerate your recovery afterwards. Each product in the AMPED family is targeted to a specific time of your workout, so you can increase strength, endurance, stamina, and, ultimately, results.

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Your Brain on Creatine

Creatine has long been in the spotlight for increased sports performance, but it’s now being recognized for having positive effects on brain function like cognition and memory.

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Endurance Athletes, Don’t Miss out on AMPED Power

Whether you run, bike, or swim, the number one performance factor you’re concerned with is avoiding fatigue. Entering a workout with excellent levels of energy, low levels of fatigue, and enhanced recovery is every endurance athlete’s dream. Good news: AMPED™ Power is designed to do exactly that.

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Top 10 Questions About AMPED Power

AMPED™ Power uniquely combines three synergistic actives in the formula: Nitrosigine™, citrulline, and creatine monohydrate. This wasn’t by mistake, as we are always looking for safe, effective, and scientifically validated actives in our products. These [...]

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Is Barefoot Running Safe and Effective?

Is there scientific evidence in favor of barefoot running? To answer this question, researchers assessed data from more than 500 runners and published their findings in the Journal of Sport and Health Science (1). The [...]

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