Watch: Boost Your Performance with AMPED Power

Athletes know that the time before a workout is perfect for priming the body with nutrients to help increase training intensity. It’s why AMPED Power is part of the Isagenix Performance Solution. This pre-workout product is especially developed with three performance-focused nutrients for athletes and active adults seeking gains in strength and power.

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Are you AMPED up for the new Isagenix Performance Line?

The 2015 “Breakthrough” Celebration was the biggest event in Isagenix history. Just one of the many reasons this event was so big was due to product launches like AMPED™ Power. Nutrition Science Writer II Alex Mohr explains the science behind this brand-new, pre-workout formula. Alex says, “Our goal was to provide energy, increase focus, improve blood flow, and accelerate gains in performance, because the time before someone’s workout is crucial.”

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Endurance Athletes, Don’t Miss out on AMPED Power

Whether you run, bike, or swim, the number one performance factor you’re concerned with is avoiding fatigue. Entering a workout with excellent levels of energy, low levels of fatigue, and enhanced recovery is every endurance athlete’s dream. Good news: AMPED™ Power is designed to do exactly that.

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Why Nitrosigine?

When I first suggested how to increase the anabolic drive of the human body in Optimum Sports Nutrition in 1993, I recommended use of the amino acid arginine (1). I covered the forms, arginine hydrochloride and the better absorbed arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, the carbon skeleton of arginine. I also covered the conditions under which to take them to increase release of growth hormone, and to increase blood flow to muscles.

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