Why Whey After Exercise?

When you’re depleted of nutrients after a hard workout, the rate at which you can deliver essential amino acids to your bloodstream could be key to switching on the muscle building process. Because whey protein is more quickly digested and has a higher concentration of essential amino acids compared to other protein sources, it is unrivaled for its ability to increase muscle mass in the post-workout period. Whey’s superiority has everything to do with muscle protein synthesis, or MPS.

More Muscle Equals Stronger Bones in Children

Researchers from the University of Southampton recently investigated bone development in growing children and found that greater muscle mass is linked to healthier bones, while fat mass is not. The scientists compared muscle mass and bone density data collected as a part of the Southampton Women's Survey in more than 200 children. Measures included total fat mass, lean mass, and bone density at birth and between six and seven years by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), which is currently