Runners, You May Need More Protein

If you’re a runner limiting your protein intake, you may be limiting your performance. A high-protein diet isn’t just for athletes who lift weights. The goal for the majority of runners is to improve running performance, whether by total distance or by time. During the recovery phase after a run, consuming the right nutrients is necessary for quicker recovery and performance gains.

Muscle-building Foods Made Easy

We get it. You love IsaLean Pro and IsaPro, but you can’t just rely just on our delicious shakes as your sole source of muscle-building, recovery-boosting protein. You need to combine these products with other protein- and nutrient-rich foods as part of balanced diet. We are often asked what athletes should do for other meals and which foods they should be consuming on a regular basis. Here’s our advice on how to start: First and foremost, you should understand how many total calories

How Much Muscle Can You Build?

We often hear some bold claims about how much muscle people are able to build in a short period of time. Those who are new to weight training are often confused about what to expect in terms of building muscle. The amount of muscle someone can build is determined by many factors including weight, age, gender, and overall fitness goals. It is important for athletes and gym goers to understand that building muscle takes time and is a process that needs constant attention. People often confuse

Weight Training Best Paired with Bedtime Protein

Wondering how you can increase muscle gains from hard work in the gym? Have a shake and go to bed. This is what researchers from the Netherlands found after investigating protein consumption and sleep. They found that a 28-gram protein shake before bed substantially increased muscle and strength in comparison to a placebo drink (1). Sleep is a time most people don’t think of as the window to take advantage of recovery and rebuilding from hard training. In fact, during sleep protein synthesis

Nutritional Strategies for the Injured Athlete

  Every time you step on the field, on the track, or in the gym, you’re at risk for injury. Injuries could mean time off from training, loss of progress, as well as the potential loss of hard-earned muscle. Luckily, scientific studies have found that some effective solutions do exist to protect against injuries and don’t interfere with the recovery process. That solution is something often overlooked… optimal nutrition (1). Common knee injuries like ACL tears and breaks could