Is Alcohol Destroying Your Athletic Performance?

There’s no question about it. Alcohol and athletics don’t mix, because it makes an impact on your recovery which is critical to reaching your optimal performance and fitness levels. Unfortunately, too many sports have created an entire culture based around drinking for fans and athletes alike. In fact, binge drinking is so prevalent in sports that studies suggest that athletes are more likely than the general population to drink in excess (1, 2).

All You Need to Know About AMPED: FAQ

The AMPED products are developed based on the latest science of nutrient timing using unique combinations of ingredients that are designed to give you the best workout possible and accelerate your recovery afterwards. Each product in the AMPED family is targeted to a specific time of your workout, so you can increase strength, endurance, stamina, and, ultimately, results.

As an Athlete, Are You Making Correct Food Choices?

When it comes to food choices, do you ever think about how many you make each day? Surprisingly, the average person makes about 220 food decisions each day! That’s a lot of decisions, and these food decisions are driven both by what your body is telling you internally as well as in response to external factors in your environment. Ultimately, these choices can influence how you look, feel, and perform. Some choices are good, but others can be detrimental. Scientists who study food choice

Top 10 Questions About AMPED Power

AMPED™ Power uniquely combines three synergistic actives in the formula: Nitrosigine™, citrulline, and creatine monohydrate. This wasn’t by mistake, as we are always looking for safe, effective, and scientifically validated actives in our products. These ingredients have well over 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications supporting them. However, we noticed at our Ask the Nutritionist booth during Isagenix Celebration 2015 that folks still had questions surrounding their use. Here

A Little Sugar (But Not Too Much) Can Improve Your Workouts

While many believe using carbohydrates in the form of sugar is better served for longer-termed endurance exercise, new evidence is showing that enjoying a bit of the sweet stuff can also benefit both short- and long- duration exercise like your average gym workout. Short exercise durations, in theory, shouldn't require large amounts of carbohydrates, whereas long duration exercise, is fueled mostly by fat. So why should you consume sugar at all? The reason is that simple carbohydrates can