What’s Your Nightly Routine?

Adding Isagenix products to your nightly routine has become more popular than ever. With so many choices to consider, focusing on your goals can help you select the right mix of Isagenix products to add to your evening schedule.

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Are Long-Term High-Protein Diets Safe?

For healthy and active individuals, adopting a diet high in protein can be key to achieving weight loss and athletic performance goals. Yet as the popularity for protein increases, people have raised questions about the overall safety of raised intakes over an extended period of time.

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Podcast: How to Build Muscle With Isagenix

Whether you’re driven by performance or trying to lose weight, building lean muscle mass can be a challenge. Alex Mohr simplifies the science behind muscle growth and explains what the most effective strategies are to get results in the gym. He explains how body size and workout intensity play a huge role in how much protein you need and how readily it’s absorbed.

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