Attention, Female Runners: You Need More Iron

Running a marathon is one of the most demanding endurance events, placing so much of stress on the body that it puts athletes at risk of iron-deficiency anemia, a new scientific review warns (1). At greatest risk are female runners, nutrition scientists have found. Women athletes are also more likely to limit meat in their diets, restrict calories in order to lose weight, or otherwise don’t eat well enough to get enough iron intake (4, 5). Lacking iron, female runners could worsen their

Quercetin for Sport: Why No Athlete Should Go Without It

Over the years, thousands of sports supplements have been created and marketed to athletes, but more recently compounds found in plants called phytochemicals are showing great potential in exercise performance. One of these, quercetin, has risen in prominence for its antioxidant and immune-supportive properties in athletes (1). Quercetin comes from the family of flavonoids, which provide many of the colors in fruits and vegetables where they serve as defenders against invading microbes, radiation

Fueling Your Engine: It’s Not All About Diet and Exercise

Athletes don’t diet and exercise, they train and fuel for performance. Think of it this way: Say you’ve bought yourself an expensive, new car. How often would you let that fine machinery run on empty? You wouldn’t. You’d make sure to keep its engine fueled and running with only the best. What about your body? Under-fueling and over-training occurs all too frequently amongst both female and male athletes (1;2). Constantly allowing the body to run on a low or empty tank can be just as

Green Tea Aids Performance

  Green tea extract increased power output and distance covered by cyclists  Green tea supplementation enhances exercise metabolism and athletic performance, a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study reports. Published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers from the University of Hertfordshire reported that four weeks of supplementation with green tea extract enhanced fat oxidation (fat burning) by 25 percent and decreased body fat compared to

Could Pea Protein Be As Solid as Whey for Muscle Building?

Recently published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers compared a vegetarian and milk-based protein source head to head for muscle building potential (1). Specifically, they sought to determine whether pea protein could duplicate the muscle-building benefits widely observed with whey protein. The study divided 161 healthy young males into three groups who received either 25 grams of whey protein, pea protein, or a placebo twice a day while undergoing

How to Customize Isagenix Shake Days for Athletes Seeking Fat Loss

Athletes walk a fine line when it comes to losing weight without negatively affecting performance or training gains. Cut calories too low and performance will suffer, muscle mass may be lost, and you might be setting yourself up for poor recovery and greater susceptibility to illness. Don’t cut calories enough, and you won’t get lean. To lose the most body fat possible without compromising performance and recovery or sacrificing muscle and strength, athletes need to be meticulous about