Attention, Female Runners: You Need More Iron

Running a marathon is one of the most demanding endurance events, placing so much of stress on the body that it puts athletes at risk of iron-deficiency anemia, a new scientific review warns (1). At greatest risk are female runners, nutrition scientists have found. Women athletes are also more likely to limit meat in their diets, restrict calories in order to lose weight, or otherwise don’t eat well enough to get enough iron intake (4, 5). Lacking iron, female runners could worsen their

Quercetin for Sport: Why No Athlete Should Go Without It

Over the years, thousands of sports supplements have been created and marketed to athletes, but more recently compounds found in plants called phytochemicals are showing great potential in exercise performance. One of these, quercetin, has risen in prominence for its antioxidant and immune-supportive properties in athletes (1). Quercetin comes from the family of flavonoids, which provide many of the colors in fruits and vegetables where they serve as defenders against invading microbes, radiation

Melatonin May Have a New Use: Exercise Performance

Any athlete can probably tell the difference in their performance depending on the sleep they got the night before. Proper sleep is a big contributor for recovery from grueling workouts and helps prime the body for optimal training. Unfortunately, getting proper sleep every night isn’t always possible, especially when on the road. Melatonin has long been used to help improve sleep quality or help with jet lag, but now a new study suggests other performance-enhancing benefits from the supplement. For

Whey Benefits Extend Far Beyond Just Giving You Bigger Muscles

Looking for increased results from the many whey protein benefits. Athletes spend an inordinate amount of time and effort in the name of making progress. But there's one thing every athlete dreads… getting injured or getting sick. This means time off from practices, training and competition. Every athlete knows lost time could mean a lost edge. Whether achieving a new personal record, increasing lean muscle mass or increasing power output, athletes look to supplements like whey protein