How Athletes Shred Fat With Alex Mohr

The most common fat loss-tips won’t work for the average athlete. Isagenix R&D Research Nutritionist Alex Mohr sheds light on how athletes can lose unwanted fat while retaining lean muscle mass. Tune in as Alex educates listeners on the importance of strength training, cardio, and nutrition for athletes and fat loss.

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Best Fat-Loss Tips for Athletes

When it comes to weight loss, athletes have different needs. Unlike the general population, an athlete’s goals are not focused exclusively on weight loss. While it’s good to watch the scale, what is most important is paying attention to body composition and performance markers.

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Can You Turn Fat Into Muscle?

This question is more common than you may think: Can you turn body fat into muscle? The answer is simple—no. At least, you can’t change body fat into muscle directly. However, indirectly, you can work to burn fat and replace it with muscle. To fully explain how this works, we need to explain how resistance exercise leads to building muscle.

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Muffin Top Madness

Don't go mad trying to lose your muffin top--do it the right way with these tips. By Michael Colgan, Ph.D. Even with a stringent diet and exercise program, the Chihuahua on the belly [...]

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