Nutritional Considerations for the Elite Athlete

As an elite athlete, your nutritional demands separate you from others. In a majority of cases, elite athletes may require individualized dietary counseling to address their highly specific nutritional needs. But with a few considerations and the help of Isagenix products, you may find an advantage while making important nutritional choices for your sport.

How to Use AMPED for Strength and Muscle Building

Athletes seeking to increase strength or muscle tone need to prime their bodies with cellular energy and increase nutrient delivery prior to training. They need to trigger muscle protein synthesis after training, and, an hour or two before training they should consume a moderate meal of carbohydrate, protein, and fat depending on digestion and comfort.

Your New High-Intensity Training Pre-Workout Stack

When you want your body ready for the ultimate high-intensity workout, the right preparation can make a big difference. You want a pre-workout stack that includes the right ingredients, comes in the right dosage, and is backed by science. AMPED™ NOx, AMPED Power, and e+™ work together to power you up before a workout. The two AMPED products and e+ each provide their own unique benefits that complement one another.

AMPED: The Next Level of Nutrient Timing in Sports Nutrition (Video)

The AMPED™ product line is much more than a few meager sports supplements. It’s a comprehensive performance system that covers you nutritionally from the moment you begin your workout to the moment you begin the recovery process. With the new additions of AMPED NOx taken pre-workout, AMPED Fuel taken mid-workout, and AMPED Recover taken post-workout, you can begin each workout armed with high-quality nutrition for top performance.

Athletes, Adapt

During competition, a high jumper may harness adrenaline and nervous energy to increase focus, speed, and force during the jump. Here’s where stress is a good thing. But a little too much stress can cause muscle tension that interferes with the mechanics of technique, resulting in “choking” and a miss. As with competition stress, too much life stress can hurt an athlete’s performance. When bombarded with continuous emotional and psychological stress, the same small dose of hormones

Caffeine and Working Out: How All Athletes Benefit from Caffeine

Many people have experienced the welcomed effects of their favorite caffeine vehicle like coffee or an energy drink pushing them through a long day. However, even amongst athletes themselves, caffeine often gets a bad rap. In reality, using caffeine moderately and efficiently can enhance physical and mental performance. When thinking of caffeine’s popular stimulatory effects, it’s easy to rationalize its attractiveness to endurance athletes to give them that extra boost to power through