Creatine Plus Carbs Gives Endurance Athletes Breakaway Speed

Creatine is often overlooked by endurance athletes. But combining the supplement with carbohydrates might just be the winning combination for late-stage breakaway moments during competition. Because of the heavy physical demands of training and competition, athletes are always on the lookout for nutritional strategies that will increase the pool of energy-giving substrates in their muscles.

Watch: Boost Your Performance with AMPED Power

Athletes know that the time before a workout is perfect for priming the body with nutrients to help increase training intensity. It’s why AMPED Power is part of the Isagenix Performance Solution. This pre-workout product is especially developed with three performance-focused nutrients for athletes and active adults seeking gains in strength and power.

Do You Need To Be Creatine Loading?

Creatine supplementation has been a popular go-to for the serious athlete striving to put on extra muscle and optimize their workouts. But unlike typical supplementation regimens, creatine “loading” is a long-standing, common practice where the individual supplements with four to five times the amount of creatine the body needs with the purpose of rapidly saturating the muscles with the energy-producing compound.

Women: Creatine is For You!

It’s a common myth that creatine is strictly for bodybuilders. In fact, creatine has benefits for every athlete, including women. Because of the beefed-up stereotypes surrounding creatine, women often miss out on benefits of enhanced training and improved recovery. It’s possible that creatine may have extra benefits for women, especially for those who have avoided creatine supplements in the past.

Are you AMPED up for the new Isagenix Performance Line?

The 2015 “Breakthrough” Celebration was the biggest event in Isagenix history. Just one of the many reasons this event was so big was due to product launches like AMPED™ Power. Nutrition Science Writer II Alex Mohr explains the science behind this brand-new, pre-workout formula. Alex says, “Our goal was to provide energy, increase focus, improve blood flow, and accelerate gains in performance, because the time before someone’s workout is crucial.”