Creatine Plus Carbs Gives Endurance Athletes Breakaway Speed

Creatine is often overlooked by endurance athletes. But combining the supplement with carbohydrates might just be the winning combination for late-stage breakaway moments during competition. Because of the heavy physical demands of training and competition, athletes are always on the lookout for nutritional strategies that will increase the pool of energy-giving substrates in their muscles.

A Little Sugar (But Not Too Much) Can Improve Your Workouts

While many believe using carbohydrates in the form of sugar is better served for longer-termed endurance exercise, new evidence is showing that enjoying a bit of the sweet stuff can also benefit both short- and long- duration exercise like your average gym workout. Short exercise durations, in theory, shouldn't require large amounts of carbohydrates, whereas long duration exercise, is fueled mostly by fat. So why should you consume sugar at all? The reason is that simple carbohydrates can

Muscle-building Foods Made Easy

We get it. You love IsaLean Pro and IsaPro, but you can’t just rely just on our delicious shakes as your sole source of muscle-building, recovery-boosting protein. You need to combine these products with other protein- and nutrient-rich foods as part of balanced diet. We are often asked what athletes should do for other meals and which foods they should be consuming on a regular basis. Here’s our advice on how to start: First and foremost, you should understand how many total calories

What Happens to Muscle During Cleansing?

During even a brief period of fasting, your metabolism can rapidly change. For example, let’s look at the macronutrient carbohydrate, like those found in rice, breads, and fruit. The storage form in our bodies, glycogen, generally decreases, which can shift metabolism from burning carbohydrates to burning fat for energy. This occurs in multiple tissues including the one responsible for movement, muscle. Cleanse Days involve fasting to speed up metabolism and aid in fat burning. Now a recent

Why Athletes Shouldn’t be Afraid of Carbs

Many athletes get nervous when the scale goes up a pound the morning after a carbohydrate-rich meal. Those carbohydrates are being stored in muscle along with water. They may seem fattening because with each one gram of carbohydrate stored in your muscle, you also store about three grams of water. When you eat lots of carbs you might gain weight but it is water weight, not body fat. If you are a competitive athlete who works out hard every day, you might have muscles that are carbohydrate