All You Need to Know About AMPED: FAQ

The AMPED products are developed based on the latest science of nutrient timing using unique combinations of ingredients that are designed to give you the best workout possible and accelerate your recovery afterwards. Each product in the AMPED family is targeted to a specific time of your workout, so you can increase strength, endurance, stamina, and, ultimately, results.

Why Whey After Exercise?

When you’re depleted of nutrients after a hard workout, the rate at which you can deliver essential amino acids to your bloodstream could be key to switching on the muscle building process. Because whey protein is more quickly digested and has a higher concentration of essential amino acids compared to other protein sources, it is unrivaled for its ability to increase muscle mass in the post-workout period. Whey’s superiority has everything to do with muscle protein synthesis, or MPS.

As an Athlete, Are You Making Correct Food Choices?

When it comes to food choices, do you ever think about how many you make each day? Surprisingly, the average person makes about 220 food decisions each day! That’s a lot of decisions, and these food decisions are driven both by what your body is telling you internally as well as in response to external factors in your environment. Ultimately, these choices can influence how you look, feel, and perform. Some choices are good, but others can be detrimental. Scientists who study food choice