How You Can Get Your Resolution AMPED Up

This year, it all comes down to you. You put in the work. You put in the time. You see the results. The science on nutritional timing is sound when you adopt a plan that incorporates real, proven ingredients at dosages that have demonstrated results in clinical research.

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Vegetarian Athletes, You Might Be Missing a Key Amino Acid

While vegetarians can greatly benefit from all of the AMPED™ products, AMPED Recover offers some special performance benefits due to one important amino acid. In the United States, the dietary patterns and nutrient status of vegetarians is generally better than their meat-eating counterparts, yet there are some nutrients that vegetarians can benefit from like protein, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, zinc, niacin, and vitamin B-12 (1).

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Nutrient Timing of AMPED Products for Endurance

Endurance athletes are unique in their nutritional requirements, largely due to the fact that endurance exercise requires greater amounts of fuel. Preparation comes down to ensuring you get the right amounts of carbohydrates and other supplemental nutrients at the right time. Endurance athletes also need to get adequate protein to offset muscle protein breakdown and hasten recovery.

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AMPED Recover 101

AMPED Recover is the AMPED Product you will use after your workout, and is the focus on the final of the four part series of podcasts on the new Performance Line. “You need to think of AMPED Recover as the trigger, and IsaPro as the building blocks that create muscle,” says Research Nutritionist Alex Mohr, M.Sc. CSCS. Find out more about what makes AMPED Recover such a critical supplement for athletes, regardless of their sport, for optimal performance.

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AMPED: The Next Level of Nutrient Timing in Sports Nutrition (Video)

The AMPED™ product line is much more than a few meager sports supplements. It’s a comprehensive performance system that covers you nutritionally from the moment you begin your workout to the moment you begin the recovery process. With the new additions of AMPED NOx taken pre-workout, AMPED Fuel taken mid-workout, and AMPED Recover taken post-workout, you can begin each workout armed with high-quality nutrition for top performance.

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How to Use AMPED Products to Improve Your Workout

Go farther, train harder, lose weight, and increase muscle with the AMPED™ Performance line, designed to help people like you from everyday athletes to ultramarathon trainers. Research Nutritionist Alex Mohr, M.Sc., explains the benefits of AMPED Nox, Fuel, Power, Recover, and the soon-to-be rebranded Replenish™ as AMPED Hydrate. Alex discusses how this comprehensive line of products effectively sustains users nutrient wise from the hours before a workout to recovery.

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Maximize Muscle Gains With AMPED Recover

The ability to recover from strenuous workouts is critical to anyone that exercises. Faster recovery means the ability to train more frequently and more intensely, resulting in greater performance gains. Whether you’re a runner looking to decrease your marathon time or a figure athlete looking to tone your muscle, you want less soreness coupled with fully recovered muscles.

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